For my friends online gaming fans would have been familiar with this one game, Point BlankPoint Blank is an online game FPS genre's most popular today.  Point Blank Game has become a mandatory game in the online gaming world, in every cafe online game, there must be a play this Point Blank game. The question is whether this game can not be played offline? the answer is they can. Now friends can play this point blank offline game  at home. So friends do not need internet connections to play this  Point Blank game. But why at the top of my CS titled Point Blank? This is because after I tried it, is almost similar to the  Counter Strike game, but in a game very similar to the real  point blank game. Even in buying weapons and comment in it is the same as  Point Blank Online Game. Then just for my friends who are curious about the  Point Blank Offline game's see screenshot below:

Minimum System Requirements:
  •      500 mhz processor
  •      96MB ram
  •      16MB video card
  •      Windows 2000/XP/ME/SE
  •      mouse
  •      keyboard

Recommended System Requirements:
  •      800 mhz processor
  •      128mb ram
  •      + 32MB video card
  •      Windows 2000/XP
  •      mouse
  •      keyboard

Link Download :

Single Link

Counter Strike Point Blank Offline 2013_Update 07-05-2013

Part Link

CS Point Blank Offline 2013 (422 Mb)_Update 19-10-2012

MAP CS Point Blank Offline 2013 (50 Mb)_Update 20-10-2012

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